Project Management System

Project Synopsis

ProjectOne is a multi-functional online project management tool specially designed for teams and enterprises. This web-based suite allows you to visualize the projects’ hierarchy in the Activity Center and with Project Portfolios, and increase team collaboration by permanently keeping your team involved and well-informed.

This online project tracking software is easy to customize, and includes both common and basic features such as Time Tracking and Interactive Gantt charts for Project Planning, as well as advanced tools like complex task Dependencies creation, a Guest Portal with unlimited customer access points, Resource Loading and also Critical path and Timeline in the Enterprise pricing plan.

This online project management system does not only allows you to manage your project efficiently, but also includes a feature that no other project management system has offered so far, i.e., integration of user-designed forms, where user can create customized forms online using our drag-n-drop feature and can associate those forms anywhere in the project timeline and can view results based on the inputs received.

ProjectOne provides simple export to/import from CSV (MS Excel). Our professional customer support will guide you through all the stages of your work.


Project Details

Project Client(s)

  • Confidential

Project Tools

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
  • NET (C#)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • Bootstrap (jQuery, CSS)