MyJobs Android App

Project Synopsis

MyJobs is a well-thought and well-designed application, in which, you can easily track your hours worked against multiple employers.

MyJobs allows you to plan/record/execute your daily working hours for each employer, including your overtime, evening additional working hours, weekends, public holidays, and break-time. You can generate and e-mail your work hours report in PDF format at any time you like during a day, week, and/or month.

MyJobs offers the following salient features:

  • Well-designed, easy to use, eye-catching interface.
  • Customize the calendar through settings as per your requirements.
  • Different calendar views like Month, Week, Day, List-view are available to view your data in different varieties.
  • Separate views to differentiate your tasks and employer related jobs.
  • Import holidays in your calendar using our automated system, instead of entering them manually. (If your country is not listed, please contact us for further assistance).
  • Backup and Restore your data for safety purposes and on your desired location on your device.
  • Create unlimited employers, departments, projects, shifts, job registrations, and tasks.
  • Download sample data from our servers to fully understand the functionality of the system.
  • Real-time hours tracking for multiple employers.
  • Automatic calculation of overtime, weekends, public holidays, and evening additional.
  • Instant reminders for tasks even if the application is not in execution mode.
  • All functions are readily available at all screens depending on the data displayed.
  • Automatic changing of data and time formats based on device settings.
  • Auto-language detection and change of application language. (At present, only English and Norwegian are available. To use the application in your language, please contact us for further assistance).
  • PDF reports.


Project Details

Project Client(s)

  • General Public (Free)

Project Tools

  • Java
  • SQL-Lite