DigiRapp Pest Control System

Project Synopsis

Running a pest control company is likely hard then you imagined. It’s not just about treating homes for bedbugs and restaurants for cockroaches. There is a whole world of paperwork that you must content with as well as new state-to-state standards are that demand pest control companies track and report all their pest abatement chemical usage and application cycles, known as the chemical treatment history.

With the use of better pest control software, you can gain better control over your company. You can manage customers, employee routes and your accounting all from one program – loaded either on your computer or in the form of an app on your mobile phone.

DigiRapp is a custom-developed pest control software solution utilized by top pest control companies in Norway. It allows you to streamline your daily workflow by automating or simplifying tasks that typically bog you down and waste valuable time during business hours.

Each element of DigiRapp is tailored to meet the needs of pest control businesses of any size. From single owner/operators to multi-million dollar corporations, DigiRapp contains unique features and modules that allow you to run your business efficiently and effectively so that you can focus on growth.

Plus, DigiRapp is web-based, so that’s all you need to get started is an Internet connection.


Project Details

Project Client(s)

  • Proff Service AS, Norway
  • Kram AS, Norway
  • Effecta AS, Norway

Project Tools

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
  • NET (VB)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • jQuery
  • CSS